Gerd Altmann on Pixabay

I chomp on a mouthful of tamari pumpkin seeds mixed with walnuts and it’s like I’m trying to digest the whole universe.

Did you ever bite off more than you could chew?

What if God’s watching us, steadying our hands?

In the end, Her will will be done, we will come home, we can’t really stray all the way, we can heal and forgive ourselves back to a truth in which He holds us now, full of our light and so, so bright. My body alights from a dance extravaganza, an hour+ of enlightening into the tissue that releases my issues. Today I felt myself move into my entire body, trusting all of me and it for the first time.

Today I am Divine and finally realize this, that I can’t err if I realize this, that I am held emerging into realizing this, that I am held beyond my limitations and fears, that these are arrogance embodied as fighting God’s will, that our Source wants us to be all all our everything and nothing less. Less is BS.

Less. Is. BS.

I’m not sure what to do or how to be. Guide me.

Some people hate the word God. They’ve got nothing against the divine per se, but have felt harmed by those brandishing that word, whether individuals or an entire dogma, say the Catholic faith. (Sorry to pick on Catholics, but harms around systemic sexual abuse hang out like dangling veins and arteries for the world to see.)

And of course extremists of every sort use the word often as they raise the flags of hatred.

So we must be careful sometimes with our words, or at least clarify their meaning. When I write about God, I refer to our One shared Source, pre-big bang, beyond all form so therefore beyond gender, our I Origin(s). (Great movie, by the way!)

I wrote a song this morning about the Earth’s heart beating from the beginning and that I was forgiving to the heart of everything.

From the beginning.

Slava on Unsplash

Christopher and I are doing so much better. We look at one another with great tenderness, joke with love and play. I have jettisoned a lot of rotten cargo. I stand tall in an illuminated pillar. While the minions whine their untruths, I listen with love and recognize them as false for the very first time in a consistent way—at least since I was a kid being me, pure and sourced, the only way I knew to be.

It’s an epic journey to find our way home after being so lost. After dwelling in hell. Breadcrumbs. Enlightenment. Choice and trust. Choosing Source’s will, trusting my path will carry me where I need to go and that I am enough just as I am to fulfill my truest function. I could have said destiny, but lately I like the pedantic words also. The light we expand into awaits with a clarity and sureness I’m aware of for the first time. And, and, and. The details must be in place also. Welcome magnificent mundane for you too help us be all we came here to do. Nature, the intelligence behind all form, a massive co-creator aligned with Source, helps it all come true.

Thank you!

And Amen.