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And she grows up!

My baby girl’s enrolled in college for the fall! We just enjoyed the two-day freshman orientation for parents and students at the University of New Mexico. Now she recovers, lying on the bed at my Aunt Marcia’s house, happy to...

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Graduating grief, part 2

The finger prints that cover my laptop screen have a story to tell. But I’m not listening. I tell them I’ll wipe them off later, when I catch up with life and have it all together. You know that time and place? We can all meet...

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Graduating grief, part 1

I don’t want to lose my daughter to college next year. I’m already losing her to her real life and it breaks my heart every day. I am becoming the periphery, though loved and cherished. She’s got me mostly at arm’s length. I...

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Coyote Training

Laziness squeezes my hand. After my weeks’ vacation, my pants feel tight around the waist. I do what I always must do to begin any writing: I send the editor packing. I spent too long cleaning. Now there’s not time for all the...

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Small Light

I’m so sick of myself. I read my own complaining and scowl. And this is the NICE version. This is me with more self-love and forgiveness for my foibles than before. Still, yuck. I don’t know how I’m supposed to make room to...

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Guest Post: Mother of a Fighter

by Patricia A. Gassaway My daughter is a fierce warrior who fights professionally in Thailand. Recently I had a dream with images that seem to express the conflicting emotions I have about being the mother of a fighter like...

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