Learn how to clear and protect your own sacred energy field; to care for and garden the energy of your spaces; and to honor your own knowing & meet your own needs.

In this 2 1/2-hour workshop, we’ll begin first by talking about boundaries, our right to insist that our own auric field remain clear of other people’s “stuff.” We’ll learn an auric field cleansing meditation and how to put up a shield and fill our own auric field with the supportive light and energy we each need.

Next, we’ll move into the rooms of our lives, and how to cleanse and purify a space, charge it and protect us, so that our homes, apartments, dorm rooms, and offices can nourish and support us and our guests. Please let me know if you have any allergies, as we’ll use smudge wands and some essential oils, but alternate options are available, if needed. (I can show these tools without actually lighting them, for example, while sharing a variety of options.)

Finally, I’d like to teach you a couple of other key self-care meditations to replenish and support you: Heart holding, Heart Healing Meditation, and a Body Check to discern our knowing about people and decisions.

Garden your energy Workshop

When: 2 to 4:30 p.m.

Saturday, Feb. 22

Where: Boulder, CO 80301

RSVPs required

Cost: $12

More info: 720-818-2856  sara.wrightnow(at)gmail.com