Month: June 2017

Nashville Crows

Last night my neighbor Linda Smith stood in her blond softness in the twilight. Her husband, Randy, hovered nearby. Christopher held our panting Pit Bull, Captain, at the end of a bright red leash. Its color fading like the rest...

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My life savings

My daughter Hannah and I hadn’t been to a vet since we had to put our 11-year-old white-and-tan basset hound/Jack Russell terrier Kipper to sleep on Nov. 8. This morning, we left our new toffee-colored pit bull Captain all day...

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Bring each one home

I take it down a notch, splutter, try to take it back up. My thoughts betray me often. I’ve begun an affirmation taken 3 times a day with a dose of Essence of Perelandra: I’m willing my attitude helps me live the life of my...

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