Learn to fill your heart with love and meet your own needs!

As part of my healing journey, I learned empowering and nourishing meditations I believe everyone should have as resources. I am available to teach these in individual sessions either in person or on Zoom. I share them with gratitude to my teacher, Trise Ruskay.

Heart Healing Meditation

Listening to, responding to, and loving the self restores a deep sense of well-being and wholeness to our daily experience. Learn to nourish yourself with loving energy. Empower yourself and meet your own needs. 

Maintaining a healthy energy (auric) field               

The energy field/auric field that surrounds your body is a personal resource that is intended to function as a buffer between you and the world. A sound energy field will serve as a source of subtle protection and support as it defines your energetic space and resonates with your personal identity. This guided meditation will teach you to keep clear of draining energies and be most available to your life.

Be the Chapel

Every human has access to divine energy from both the Earth and Spirit. Learn to receive and experience these universal masculine and feminine energies and the deep love they have for each other as they dance in your heart. Experiencing this dance between masculine and feminine and the balance between them can nourish and provide a trustworthy source of truth.

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