Month: May 2017

Lizard Tango

I’m in day 47 of superhero training and it’s kicking my butt. Furies tug at my occipital bones. My brain is a dark vacuum. The whole city’s lights threaten to flicker and die from the stress. I flex my muscles in the cold night....

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Tyrant Cove

I stormed into my daughter’s room this morning before her alarm went off. She sat up in bed, her eyes wide. “Where is my laptop?” She borrowed it last night for a project. “Uh, hang on..” She first checked her room, then looked...

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I hold a tier of consciousness. Some days, I wiggle and giggle and laugh and play and am a serious threat for bringing my entire grouping up with me to the next orbital. God laughs and taps his foot. But then on other days, kind...

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Forgiving Skye

As Deepak Chopra and Oprah guided me through an online meditation on forgiveness last night, waves of hurt, guilt, anger, and wrath moved through my heart and body. “Start with patience, understanding, and forgiveness with...

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