I wish I could tell you there’d be a better version of me coming out next week, and that that would be that me you’d want to follow/subscribe to/friend/ love, etc.

But that’s not how this whole sharing thing works.windowartweb

Thanks to Emma Back (She Sings Out Loud) and Liz Gilbert (Big Magic) and many of you, I’ve learned that true success begins with being willing to be vulnerable and to share what we create, no matter what.

When I was a reporter, I used to concentrate on telling the best stories I could and putting the truth out there, whether my readers were “throwing roses or tomatoes.”

This is even harder, because the kind of writing I do every morning—the kind that built my first book, “Awe” — is so much more personal than any news or feature story. It’s more personal than any column.

Here’s the thing: My blog(s) won’t be for all of you. That’s okay. We can still be friends if this kind of personal writing turns your stomach or bores you. It’s really fine.

But for maybe just a few of you it will feel really good to read, like something you’ve been looking for.

When Christopher and I were in New York City this fall, we met a man named Elijah in Central Park. We took turns sharing songs and then sang together using his old guitar. While we felt happy and honored to connect, when Elijah sang his own songs for us, my chest hummed and something answered from deep inside. I wanted Elijah’s songs playing in my car for an eight-hour road trip. I wanted his music playing all over my life.elijahchristopherweb

Elijah said that once this guy had offered to record his music, but he never called him back. So, Elijah doesn’t have a CD. I can’t buy Elijah’s music, even though I want to. It’s not available.

I’m putting my writing “out there” for Elijah. It’s not because I want to put my bare experience out there. It’s a monstrous thing, surely. But it’s all I have. It’s the art I make.

We all need to put out our vulnerable, horrifying best. So if there’s someone who really needs it or would like it, or for whom it would make one day even 5 percent better, they can find it.

So please—see if it’s for you. Maybe it’s for someone you know. And if it’s not, it’s okay, really.

My website has two blog categories up now. Emerge: Coming out Writing (Show some skin), and Parentsing. If you have a guest blog on either topic that you think fits with this style, please send it to me: I’d love to share your writing, too.

Thanks for reading! And if you do like it, please share and subscribe!